Lesser Prairie Chicken Viewing 

Each Spring, at sunup, from about mid March to mid May, the Lesser Prairie Chicken can be seen on the western plains of Kansas performing their calling, dancing and mating rituals, called "lekking".  Logan, Gove and Scott Counties offer some of the best places in the world to view these birds.

What the heck is a lek?

It's basically a mating party where a group of males come together in a specific area to "woo" a mate with their "lekking" routine which may lead to a mating invitation....... or an icy rejection.  Each morning the male birds will come to the same spot, also loosely referred to as a lek, to show off and strut their stuff in hopes of winning the pleasure of a hen.  Hens choose a mate based on their lekking sills.  The cooing, bellowing, sparring and dancing is a prairie spectacle that lasts throughout the mating season.  

Priairie Chicken Lekking
Prairie Tours

Lek viewings are booked through the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center.  The tours are managed and conducted by Prairie Tours & Guide Service, LLC.

Groups from 4 to 14 are scheduled based on availability and group size.  Scheduling can be accommodated for professional tour groups or groups with a minimum of four people.   

Reservations for all tours are required. Book your 2021 tour now!

COVID-19 2021 Protocol: No open public dates are available for groups under four.  Please follow the link below for details.      

Prairie Chicken Lekking

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