Oakley Parks

Annie Oakley Park
Annie Oakley Park

The park offers fun for the whole family.  Enjoy a picnic lunch under the gazebo while the kids have fun on the playground equipment.  Play a round of disc golf or take an evening stroll on the lighted walking trail.  627 E. 5th

Summer time take advantage
of Oakley's
"Cool Pool" at the park.


Annie Oakley Park
Disc Golf
Bertrand/Memorial Park

Located north of the Fick Museum, the gardens at the park honor our local service men and women.  There is a separate tribute for each branch of the service. 




     The park includes  the
       beautiful gardens, a
     playground, basketball
     court and walking trails
      with exercise stations.

                700 W. 3rd


Stair Stepper at the park
Memorial Gardens
WWI Doughboy
WWI Doughboy
City Park 

Oakley's City Park features a statue honoring Logan County's Dough Boy troops of WWI. 209 Hudson Street

"Spirit of the American Doughboy"

The Spirit of the American Doughboy, sculpted by Ernest Moore Viquesney, was designed to honor the veterans and casualties of World War I. Mass produced during the 1920‘s and 1930‘s for communities throughout the United States, the statue‘s design was the most popular of its kind; spawning a wave of collectible miniatures and related memorabilia.   Nicknames for the statue are “The Doughboy” and “Iron Mike”. This statue, made of pressed copper, is one of only three in Kansas. The other two statues are located in Axtell and Parsons.