The Oakley area offers attractions worth visiting time and time again.  Centrally located between Denver and Topeka, off I-70 at exits 70 and 76, and highways U.S. 83 and U.S. 40, Oakley is in the heart of northwest Kansas and a convenient stop whether you are going east or west, north or south.
Hotels, Motels, and RV Camping available.

Oakley sits at the midpoint of Kansas' first designated historic byway.  The byway covers 102 miles of natural and human history from prehistoric times to the settling of the plains.  The historic sites and museums weave a tale of westward expansion into the Wild West of legend, where American Indians hunted bison, pioneers trekked and cowboys roamed the vast and beautiful prairie. Maps and information about all the sites along the byway are available on the Western Vistas Historic Byway website.

Buses, organizations, clubs, families and groups of all size are welcome.
Please call Oakley Tourism at 785.671.1000 to assist your trip planning or book your visit.

Our county offer some of the best places in the world to view the Lesser Prairie Chicken up close during the lekking season.
Tours scheduled March 15 through May 9th
Oakley Area Attractions on the Western Vistas Historic Byway
Little Jerusalem Badlands
Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park
Smoky Valley Ranch
Smoky Valley Ranch hiking trails at The Nature Conservancy
Fick Fossil & History Museum
Rocks, Fossils, Railroad History, Local History, and more!
Butterfield Trail Museum
Butterfield Trail Museum features local history, fossils and history of the Smoky Hill Trail.
2X life-Size Bronze
Buffalo Bill Monumental Bronze Sculpture
Keystone Gallery
Keystone Gallery features fossils and art
Buffalo Bill Cultural Center
Buffalo Bill Cultural & Visitor Center
Monument Rocks
Monument Rocks, Kansas' Natural National Monument known locally as the "chalk pyramids"
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