Keystone Gallery


Established in 1991, by Chuck Bonner and Barbara Shelton, Keystone Gallery is a combination museum, art gallery, and gift shop.  The Gallery is dedicated to preserving local Niobrara fossils. The gallery‘s gift shop features Chuck's paintings and Barbara's  photography.

Chuck' Art




Keystone Gallery Museum has excellent examples of Niobrara Cretaceous fossils found by Chuck and Barbara including numerous fossil fish, mosasaurs, pteranodons, birds, turtles and invertebrates. Over 34 permanent fossils are on display and temporary exhibits are rotated on a timely basis.

The gallery also works with museums throughout the United States and other countries.  The Bonner family started fossil hunting in 1925, and museums throughout the world now house their specimens.

Hey, Chuck, what's that fish?

Xiphactinus audax:   Pronounced zai-fact-in-us aw-dax.  It was the largest bony fish that ever lived.  Distantly related to modern tarpons, it  was extinct by the end of the Cretaceous period.  


For more information about the swimming and flying reptiles, bony fish, shark, invertebrates and birds of the Cretaceous period, visit Keystone Gallery's  Interactive Mural

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The Limestone Building 

Keystone Gallery is one of the only native stone buildings remaining in Southeast Logan County. The limestone building blocks were quarried nearby and the sand for mortar hauled by oxen team from the Smoky Hill River in 1916.

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